Massage Balm

Massage balms are professional cosmetics used by masseurs and physiotherapists in their daily work. A good massage lotion is efficient and is absorbed slowly during the procedure. Massage balms have a thicker consistency than massage oils, they can be compared to a creamy ointment or paste. Apply balms from the...

A composition of pleasant fragrances

Our massage balms have pleasant, natural fragrances that will make every treatment pleasant. In our assortment you will find a balm with a fresh scent: raspberry, melon and refreshing green tea, which has become our bestseller. It is designed to massage the body, face and neckline, and thanks to green tea extract rich in antioxidants and known for its anti-aging properties, it provides the skin with proper care. For people who prefer more expressive scent notes, we recommend massage lotions, both intensely herbal and herbal lotions with a hint of orange. There is also something for men - our Gentleman massage balm has a fresh scent with notes of patchouli, geranium and ginger. For lovers of natural and delicate aromas, we have a balm with a mild almond aroma.

What massage balms can you find in our offer?

We offer professional Balsamique balms in 500 ml containers for treatments in massage parlors and SPA salons. We recommend the best-selling balms in a large 1-liter jars to large treatment centers. Our Energy line of massage products, once known as ARGOL massage balms, is used during rehabilitation treatments. We recommend Balsamique Energy Plus for back massage, and for athletes - Active balm or Hotr warming balm. Our offer also includes a formula dedicated to deep tissue massage.