Shea butter

Shea Butter Balsamique is a natural butter for SPA treatments and massages. Shea butter, also known as shea butter, has a regenerating effect on the skin. They can be used on the face, body, hands and feet, but also on the hair. Scented shea butter Balsamique is also suitable for...

It is made from the nuts of the tree called Masłosz Parka, which grows in Africa. Despite its very hard consistency, it has been used in Africa for skin protection and care for thousands of years. Nowadays, thanks to its properties, it has become a widely appreciated care preparation in Poland as well. You can use them on the face, body, hands, feet, but also on the hair. Fragrant shea Balsamique butter is suitable for finishing classic and relaxing massage. They will also work well during kobido massage. They are mainly used as "rubs" at the very end of the massage to leave the skin properly nourished and moisturized.

What shea butters can you find in our offer?

Our assortment includes shea butters in four fragrances: marital, vanilla, jasmine and chocolate, which is something for true chocolate lovers. Vanilla Shea Butter has a simple and short composition. Calendula, jasmine and chocolate butters have a soft texture due to the combination of shea butter and coconut oil. Due to the soft structure, it is enough to apply the preferred amount of butter to the skin with a spatula. Then massage it with your hands and allow it to be absorbed.

All shea Balsamique butters are vegan, softened with our proprietary method, and stabilized with vitamin E and lecithin. They are suitable for both professional treatments and home care, after which the skin becomes soft, smooth and soothed.

The benefits of shea butter

Shea butter is distinguished by its versatility. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, leaving it moisturized, even in the case of very dry epidermis. In addition, it soothes irritations and supports the skin regeneration process, both in the case of wounds and burns. It has a protective effect against unfavorable weather conditions - wind and frost. It also has a positive effect on the hair. Just like the skin, it has moisturizing and nourishing properties. It will help with dry hair as well as dry and sensitive scalp.