Scented Massage Oils

Balsamique massage oils are distinguished by efficiency, proper slip, absorption time adapted to the duration of the treatment and natural active ingredients supporting the beneficial effects of the massage. Professional massage oil is a quality cosmetic with a loose consistency and comfortable application. We offer professional olives in 500 ml...

Professional massage oils are a quality cosmetic with a loose consistency and comfortable application. They are produced on the basis of mineral oils. It is worth emphasizing that this raw material in pharmaceutical quality is extremely clean, safe and does not cause allergies. In its pure form, it is even used in medicinal ointments or baby oils.

What massage oils can you find in our offer?

We offer professional oils in convenient and practical 500 ml bottles with a pump, while in the case of our bestsellers Balsamique Green Tea and Beauty, we also offer massage oils in large containers of 5 liters (canister), bought by SPAs, parlours and sanatoriums. In the official online store Balsamique you will also find oils for face, hand and foot massage, abdomen and buttocks or Chinese cupping massage.

There will also be professional sports massage preparations for physically active people, such as Hotr oil or Icer cooling oil. Warming oil is best before training to warm up and prepare the muscles for physical exertion. On the other hand, Icer cooling oil will soothe and relax tired muscles after an intense workout.

What fragrances do we offer?

In our offer you will find massage oils with fresh, fruity fragrances such as raspberry, melon and orange. There will also be herbal and spicy fragrances. As in the case of balms, our offer also includes Gentleman olive - intended for men with a strong scent of patchouli, geranium and ginger. We recommend fruit oils for SPA rituals, herbal oils with essential oils - for classic, rehabilitation and sports massages.