All balsamic products

BALSAMIQUE® Professional are preparations containing a rich set of natural plant extracts and essential oils selected in cooperation with professional masseurs. Carefully selected ingredients intensively support the process of protection, regeneration and skin care.High-quality natural oils regulate the lipid metabolism of the skin, nourish it, moisturize and regenerate it, and...

Our preparations are appropriately adapted to the treatments performed by masseurs and physiotherapists. We offer professional balms, olives, oils, scented candles and shea butters. We also offer salt and sugar peels, as well as foot and hand creams for nail bars.

Natural oils

High-quality pure natural oils regulate the lipid metabolism of the skin, nourish it, moisturize, regenerate and have rejuvenating properties. These oils also facilitate the penetration of active substances into the deep layers of the skin. Very good glide, pleasant smell and absorption of the preparation at the end of the massage ensure comfort for both the patient and the masseur. For treatments, they are often enriched with a few drops of essential oils according to the instructions.

What do our professional massage cosmetics contain?

The good composition of our products is what we pay special attention to. Safety and the absence of allergic reactions are extremely important for both patients and masseurs who spend many hours a day on massage, during which their hands are in direct contact with massage preparations.

Our balms and oils are based on mineral oils that are neutral, safe and non-allergenic. The mineral oils we use are of pharmaceutical quality, i.e. exceptionally pure. BALSAMIQUE® Professional products do not contain synthetic dyes and are stabilized with vitamin E and lecithin. Anhydrous products also do not contain preservatives.

Convenience of work

Professional Balsamique massage cosmetics are efficient, have a good glide and absorption time adjusted to the treatment time. In addition, professional Balsamique massage cosmetics have aesthetic and practical packaging that will ensure safety and adequate comfort of work. The pac containers are stable, so they do not tip over during use. Our offer includes smaller and larger containers, such as oils, which can be purchased in economic canisters to supplement smaller containers.