Sugar peeling

Balsamique peels contain natural exfoliating ingredients. Sugar peeling is more delicate than salt peeling, therefore it is used in gentle body treatments and hand peeling. Balsamique sugar peels are coarse-grained sugar peels, based on cane sugar and ground apricot kernels. Our sugar peels contain coconut oil and beeswax, so after...
Orange and vanilla sugar peelingOrange and vanilla sugar peeling
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Orange and vanilla sugar peeling

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Sugar peeling is a type of mechanical peeling, which, unlike enzyme peeling, is characterized by the removal of dead skin due to friction. These types of peels are very suitable for combination, oily and normal skin.

What does our sugar peeling consist of?

Our preparation is a coarse sugar peeling, based on cane sugar and ground apricot kernels. Balsamique sugar peels contain coconut oil and beeswax, so after using them, it is not necessary to use a moisturizing lotion, because the skin is already softened and moisturized, and thanks to the massage accompanying the peeling application - also elastic.

Unique fragrance compositions

Sugar peeling, in addition to proper exfoliation and moisturizing, is good if it pampers with a perfectly composed aroma. We have something special for all lovers of sweet and fruit fragrances.

In our store you will find sugar peelings with exceptionally appetizing and at the same time extremely fresh scents. We offer two unique fragrances: raspberry and marzipan as well as vanilla and orange. Food-quality substances are responsible for the first aroma, while the second one is additionally made of essential oil with the scent of sweet orange. Each of our sugar peels is sold in convenient packages with an aesthetic label, in two capacities: 80 or 450 grams.

How to use sugar peeling?

It is enough to apply the sugar peeling to clean and slightly damp skin. Then massage gently with circular movements and rinse. If we want to get a more intense effect, apply sugar peeling to dry skin. Dry peeling is best used where the skin is most calloused to thoroughly remove dead skin cells.