Which peeling to choose - sugar or salt?

Do you want to perform body, hand or foot peeling in your office or nail bar, but you don't know which cosmetic to choose for your treatments? Below we present the possibilities of using sugar peeling and Balsamique salt peeling and the basic differences between the composition, action and purpose of our cosmetics.

Both sugar and salt scrubs are cosmetics based on natural exfoliating ingredients, both are a type of mechanical peeling.Mechanical peeling removes dead epidermis due to friction, unlike the enzymatic peeling used as a mask.Salt or sugar peeling massage is always performed in a gentle way, and the strength of the entire treatment will depend on the type of base ingredient.Mechanical peels are sometimes also called scrubs in English.

Salt crystals are larger than sugar crystals, therefore the salt peeling treatment removes dead epidermis in a more intensive way.Salt peelings are not used on thin and delicate facial skin.In the case of sugar scrubs, it is worth making sure before using whether the manufacturer suggests using the scrub for the body and face, or only for the body.In addition, it is worth checking in the product description what type of sugar was used in the recipe.Cane sugar, otherwise known as brown sugar, appears more often in professional cosmetics, white sugar is more delicate, which is why it is more often used in recipes for home care preparations.However, there are even face scrubs with cane sugar on the market.Their use, especially for the first time, requires caution and great intuition.

The intensity of the body treatment can also be adjusted by moistening the skin before applying the cosmetic.If we use sugar scrub wet, its action will be even more gentle, because the water will dissolve sugar during body massage.However, when we apply a sugar scrub on dry skin, the treatment will be more intense.Places on the body where the skin is very dry and the layer of keratinized epidermis is visible, therefore it is worth exfoliating dry, other parts of the body - as needed.If we perform the treatment in the office, the client usually expects stronger effects than in a home SPA, so the use of sugar peeling on dry skin of the whole body is more successful.If you need strong exfoliation - let's reach for salt peeling .At home, peeling performed 2-3 times a week can be successfully applied to wet skin in the shower.

Salt peeling is also a favorite of pedicurists and podiatrists.This cosmetic is most often used on the lower parts of the body and back, but in nail bars it is the basic product for exfoliating the skin on the feet.In mani SPA, we will usually be satisfied with a sugar peeling, after which we can leave it on our hands for a maximum of 15 minutes.Hands can be wrapped in a warm compress made of a towel after peeling to help absorb the nutrients of the cosmetic.On the other hand, in the case of feet, an intensive salt scrub will work best.

Good body scrubs after application leave the skin not only relaxed, firm and radiant, but also properly nourished and moisturized.In the list of ingredients, we can check which base substance determines this effect.It will usually be given right after the first exfoliating ingredient (after sugar - Sucrose or in a salt scrub after salt - Sodium Chloride, respectively).From the list of ingredients, we will also find out if sugar or salt is the only exfoliating ingredient.For example, there may beground seeds, listed as "Seed Powder".You will find them e.g.in Balsamique sugar scrubs.The beneficial effect of the exfoliating treatment may also be supported by the use of natural plant extracts by the cosmetics manufacturer.

An important feature of the body scrub is also its smell.It often helps to create the desired atmosphere during the procedure.Cosmetics with the addition of perfume are successfully used in body treatments so that the skin smells long after leaving the beauty salon and allows you to recall relaxing moments.Some SPA rituals can also be composed based on the same or leading fragrance note.Examples? After using Balsamique salt scrubs, we perform a massage with balm, olive or even a melon or green tea scented candle.Especially salt scrubs with a simple composition should be enriched with an active preparation.Sugar scrubs are usually based on natural oils, butters or waxes.In this case, you can leave them on the skin a little longer to act as a nourishing compress after exfoliation.If the customer wants a ritual with a massage, we can finish the treatment with a deliciously smelling marzipan and raspberry scrub with a massage with balm or olive from the Raspberry line, and we can combine the citrus-herbal line of Body Care massage cosmetics with the Orange & Vanilla sugar scrub.

A peeling done at home cannot be compared to that done in the office by a professional.Treatment peeling is superior to DIY peeling."do it yourself") rich composition and application technique.Touch and massage performed by another person, especially one with appropriate qualifications, is an experience completely different from self-massage.Of course, when time does not allow us to visit a masseur or physiotherapist, or when our favorite salon is temporarily closed, there is nothing left for us to do home SPA.You can try peeling with products available in the kitchen.Among the home recipes for peeling, coffee has recently prevailed.The kitchen SPA can also provide us with other exfoliating ingredients: coconut shavings, oat flakes, baking soda, or grated lemon peel.However, we remember that cosmetics made by yourself at home is a kind of experiment on your own skin at your own risk, while preparations registered as cosmetics undergo appropriate dermatological tests before entering the market.We use home scrubs in their entirety right after their preparation or, alternatively, we store them for a very short time (like food) in the fridge.If we do not have the appropriate knowledge about creating cosmetics, and we want to have a SPA at home, we can order professional peelings in small quantities in advance.In the Balsamique store you will find sugar and salt body scrubs in 80g packages.We recommend using them within a few sessions or a maximum of 6 months after opening.The small package is also great to take on a trip.The smell, consistency and effect of cosmetics can appeal to customers so much that real amateurs reach for professional-sized scrubs over time - 450g or 550g - even in the home bathroom!

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