Massage candle, i.e. a sensual or relaxing massage not only in the SPA.

Candle massage is very popular in SPAs and beauty salons. Most often, candles are used for a relaxing body massage. We notice particular interest in this type of treatment in autumn and winter, when the skin is dry and the warmth of the oil applied to the skin is extremely comfortable.

Massage candles are a combination of a nourishing base and a beautiful fragrance. Depending on the selection of ingredients, candles are lit for a few or several minutes from the start of the treatment. The basic base ingredient of Balsamique massage candles is nourishing shea butter, which when gently heated does not lose its skin-beneficial properties. Our candles smell like: melon, green tea and chocolate.

Professional massage candles are registered as cosmetics and undergo dermatological tests before being placed on the market. Microbiological tests are no less important. Thanks to these procedures, we can be sure that the cosmetic is safe and can be stored for a relatively long time: from several months to even 2-3 years. Information on storage and shelf life is provided on the outer packaging and on the immediate packaging, so that we know whether the product is suitable for use. Remember that natural products may have shorter expiry dates than conventional drugstore cosmetics. The expiry date can be found on the packaging next to the hourglass icon.

Masseurs appreciate massage candles with milk jug packaging. Aluminum or ceramic jugs allow easy dosing. If the jug has an additional handle, it improves the masseur's work comfort, because while the contents - melted wax - are systematically dispensed onto the client's body during the treatment, the jug itself heats up more and more over time. We recommend that you burn the candle for a maximum of an hour at a time. Because as the candle liquefies, the container gradually heats up. Regardless of the type of light used, it should never be left unattended and must be kept out of the reach of small children and animals. During the procedure, the candle should also be kept away from flammable materials. However, the Balsamique massage candles do not need to be extinguished during the treatment. Our unique recipe of the products makes the charge melt at a temperature of approx. 38 degrees Celsius , which is close to the human body. The content of the jug can be dispensed directly onto the skin during smoking. This is truly phenomenal customer experience. Those who choose a candle massage for the first time are especially surprised.

When choosing a massage candle, make sure that the thickness and length of the wick match the jug. If the manufacturer has previously carried out the appropriate tests, the massage candle will melt evenly without leaving any valuable wax on the walls. Wicks that are too thick will heat up the jug quickly. When firing for the first time, the wick should be approx. 1 cm long. Our Balsamique candles are factory adjusted to these guidelines. If we use one candle for several treatments at a certain time interval and extinguish it between sessions, remember to check whether a black "mushroom" has formed on the top of the wick before re-firing. If the tip of the wick has charred, carefully remove the irregular tip with scissors before firing again. Let's do it skillfully and carefully so that the black particles do not get into the wax. If something crumbles inside the jug, remove it with a tissue or a cosmetic spatula before the treatment.

In the official online store with professional Balsamique cosmetics, you can buy massage candles in food-grade ceramic jugs. The net content is 170 g of cosmetic pulp. Candles smell fresh ( Melon and Green Tea lines) or sweet ( Chocolate line ) and can be part of the SPA ritual or be used for independent classic and relaxing massage treatments. Warm candle massage can also be added to the list of treatments in beauty salons and nail bars. Dry hand skin will definitely like this type of treatment. We can simply use the contents of the candle as a caring aromatic oil. Then it should be spread on the skin and massaged or left until absorbed. Pleasures!

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