Oil or lotion - which massage cosmetic should you choose?

Body massage brings a wide range of benefits - both health benefits, bringing relief to sore, tense body parts, and purely relaxing ones, ensuring relaxation and relaxation. To make this treatment even more pleasant and effective, it is worth taking care of the right cosmetic.

Why use massage oils or balms? 

At the beginning, let's consider why use massage cosmetics? There is a wide range of various types of oils, balms, creams and massage candles on the market. Cosmetics intended for massaging the body are primarily intended to ensure the proper glide of the hands on the skin - this is beneficial both for the massaging person, who is much easier to massage the body, and for the patient.

Another advantage is the aromatherapeutic properties - massage balms and oils usually contain various fragrances, thanks to which the massage becomes an extremely relaxing and soothing treatment. Beautifully scented essential oils reduce tension, stress and improve the mood - the massage itself is pleasant not only for the body, but also for the mind.

When talking about the advantages of using massage cosmetics, it is also worth mentioning their caring properties. Balms and oils make the skin properly moisturized, supplied with blood and taut after the massage. During the treatment, the skin receives a lot of nutrients that perfectly affect its condition and appearance.

Oils and balms - how are they different and when to use them?

As we mentioned earlier, there are currently various types of massage cosmetics on the market. We will focus on the most popular among massage therapists, i.e. oils and lotions. Often, the choice of a cosmetic is an individual matter, guided by the personal preferences of the masseur. However, if we do not have a favorite cosmetic, it is worth knowing the main differences between oils and lotions.

Oils have a more greasy consistency that stays on the skin for longer, and thus - provides it with long-lasting hydration. Oils are perfect for relaxing massages, because they provide better glide of the hands, which allows you to massage the whole body thoroughly, without pressing too hard. Most oils also have a much more intense fragrance than balms - so they are perfect if you want to combine a massage with relaxing aromatherapy. The rich formula of massage oils is also appreciated in treatments aimed at intensive skin care. This type of cosmetics heats up much faster than creams or lotions - so it allows for faster preparation before the treatment. However, it is worth bearing in mind that working with the oil is a bit more difficult due to the greasy, pourable consistency - if not properly applied, the oil may run off the body, dirtying clothes or sheets.

Unlike oils, massage balms have a much lighter texture. Therefore, they will be an excellent choice when working with customers who do not like the sticky feeling that oils leave behind. Massage balms are most often chosen when it is necessary to thoroughly massage one area of ​​the body and penetrate deeper into the patient's muscles. Thanks to its lighter texture, the cosmetic is absorbed faster, which ensures good grip of the hand to the skin and prevents the finger from slipping - this allows for deep tissue massage and relaxation of tense muscles.

Oil or lotion? Which massage cosmetic to choose - infographic

What to look for when choosing a massage cosmetic

Regardless of whether you choose an oil or a massage lotion, there are a few other issues that should be considered before using a given cosmetic. Before we start the massage, pay attention to the condition of our patient's skin: if it lacks moisture, choose a cosmetic rich in nourishing and moisturizing substances; if we see that it is sensitive, let's reach for a delicate product that does not irritate the skin. Thanks to such a quick analysis, we will provide the other person with a pleasant, relaxing experience and additionally achieve the desired effect on the skin.

If we are still before buying a cosmetic, let's consider two aspects: its composition and fragrance. Let's focus on products that contain as many natural substances as possible - this is important both for the massaged person and the masseur himself, whose hands are in contact with the cosmetic for several hours a day.

The second issue is the smell - massage, especially the relaxing one, is supposed to be relaxing and pleasant. Pungent, irritating smells can prevent even the most thorough and professional treatment from bringing the desired effect and be tiring for the patient.

Balsamique massage oils and balms

Our online store offers a wide selection of massage oils and balms. We make sure that the products we offer are, above all, natural and safe. In the production of our cosmetics, we use oils and mineral fats of pharmaceutical quality, which guarantees safety for the skin and prevents allergic reactions.

There are many valuable substances such as almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil and sesame oil. Our cosmetics also contain various types of essential oils that make the treatment more pleasant and allow you to fully relax and unwind during the massage.

If you have a problem with choosing the right product, we are here to help! We will be happy to advise you which product to choose so that the massage is effective and pleasant for the body and senses.

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